Fahrenheit 451


I'm on vacation this week, One of the things I decided to do is read a bunch of books. It's either that or fix things around the house. Luckily, my Kindle charger is working just fine.


This is another classic story I just got around to reading. It’s also the first Ray Bradbury book I’ve ever read.


This is a dystopian novel about a future version of the United States where firemen don’t put out fires, they start them – specifically in houses were books have been discovered.


The prose is intense and I loved reading it. Bradbury’s words will hit you like a hammer. There’s no wasted space. It’s one blow after the next, and then it ends.


The book is short, and while the ending was strong and appropriate, it still felt like the story could have continued for quite a bit longer – or maybe I just wanted it to.


On a deeper level, this book is about a world where ideas and discussions of any real substance have been deemed dangerous to tranquility and happiness. People live hollow lives that revolve around superficial television shows.


In some ways, it sounds very familiar.