Lord Of The Flies


For some reason, I did not read this book in High School like most other people. I finally got tired of hearing about it and got myself a copy.


This novel is about a bunch of young boys on an island. There’s an awful lot of text devoted to describing this island, but in the end it’s a jungle, it’s hot, and it’s surrounded by water. It’s been said this is a great book because it “reveals a lot about human nature,” and I’ll admit this book manages to accomplish this in a powerful way.


But I must wonder, why is it always the bad side of human nature that gets so much literary respect?  Ask any critic to name Shakespeare’s greatest works, and most of the time the first three plays named will be tragedies. In reality, the comedies are just as good. They reveal just as much about people – and they are just as well written. In fact, I think many would agree that they are far more clever. I think it’s kind of a tragedy that tragedies always get more respect.


Anyway, I can’t say I loved “Lord of the Flies,” but I did like it, and I’m glad I’m finally done with it.