Magno Girl and the Beast of Brooklyn

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Magno Girl and the Beast of Brooklyn - Joe Canzano

Magno Girl, a girl superhero on the tail of a couple of robbers who broke into Fu Chong's Chinese restaurant to steal only a the big bags of rice from the storeroom. At the scene of the crime, she meets


This story is told to us by Ron. Ron is working temporarily as a bouncer at The Crush Club nearby. He is training to be a ninja, and rides a Harley. Ron witnesses a crime. A couple of guys broke into Fu Chong's Chinese restaurant and stole only a bag of rice. Magno Girl, a girl super hero, shows up on scene to help out in any way she can. Ron likes her. He likes her A LOT.


Magno girl, her real name is Magnolia, she owns a martial arts studio. She quit riding motorcycles when she learned to fly.


Magno and Ron set out together to try and solve the crime. Through out the book, Ron is crushing on Magno so hard. I love the way she handles his advances. This story reminds me of a comic book without pictures. I imagine Ron and Magno running around all over the pages and acting out the story as they tell it to me. I love this!


I love both Ron, and Magno. With almost every sentence, the author tells us more about them.


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