Doesn’t take life seriously and is packed full of cheesy humour

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Magno Girl - Joe Canzano

"I received this book for free though Book likes Giveaways"


Having spoken to the author after winning ‘Magno Gir’l he described the book to me as “It's got a certain flavour that some people like and some people do not. It's meant to be a bit out of the mainstream, because that's kind of where I am.” And you know what he’s right, it’s totally out of the box, it’s not the usual genre of book I read however made a refreshing change and break for me. The book kind of reads like a cartoon strip without the pictures, but sometimes you have to let your hair down and read something light-hearted that is fun and entertaining that brings out your inner child once again, and constantly makes you smile as you read it. Canzano has written a book that doesn’t take life seriously and has packed it full of cheesy humour with lines such “He’s richer than Belgium chocolate”. He has throughout included lively and vibrant array of characters consisting of superheroes and villains, and detailed descriptions of action scenes. Over all I really enjoyed it as I’ve never come across anything quite like it, would totally recommend to anyone who’s after a genre break from their everyday reads.