The Bible Spelled Backwards Does Not Change The Fact That You Cannot Kill David Arquette

I’m guessing the author wrote this book thinking it would mainly be read by fans of his band, “The Black Math Experiment.” He’s probably right, too – but I never heard of the band and bought this book completely on impulse when I came across his twitter feed.


I didn’t even know the book was about a band. I didn’t even read the complete title of the book! And yet I really liked it. Maybe it’s because I’ve played in plenty of rock bands myself, and maybe it’s because “Black Math” reminds me of a great local band we used to have around here called “Logs in the Mainstream,” but either way, I  thought it was a cool story centering around a guy who definitely lives life outside the painted lines.


As for “The Black Math Experiment,” I checked them out on the internet oracle, and I like them. They’re in-your-face and outrageous in a thought-provoking kind of way, and they have plenty of catchy tunes. Their most popular song was called “You Cannot Kill David Arquette,” but I found quite a few songs I liked better. Anyway, check them out for yourself right here.


If you’ve never been involved in a local music scene, you can still enjoy this book. Whether he's talking about his adventures in the wrestling ring (two fractured wrists - at once!) or his crazy time at the Rocky Horror Picture Show, or his dealings with typically incompetent and moronic rock club managers (these were spot on realistic), Rouner keeps it interesting.


Overall, the book is  funny, it’s sad, it’s serious—and it’s a story unfinished. I don’t think we’ve heard the last from Jef Rouner, and that’s a good thing.